How did you start with photography and what made you interested in this field?

I started professional photography quite late. Of course I was already making vacation and family photos, and while doing this, I payed attention to the special details. But it was only when I had the opportunity to work for a star photographer in the advertising industry, that the desire grew in me for more. I looked at it from the technical implementation and professional approach. That's what I’ve doing now for about 10 years. Furthermore, I have tried also photographing the car racing scene. Through my inclination and my tolerant and open minded wife, we steered about 3-4 years ago to the fetish photography. Many personal changes have then brought us to what we do today. Our work refers exclusively to what we love to do and we also take the time we need, without letting us concern with the success, the recognition and the money.

What attracted you to the world of fetishism and alternative lifestyles?

I carry the passion for latex in me, since I can remember. I can not tell, if that's a “freak of nature” or has something to do with my life. I can only say that I can live very well with it since it became public and I feel free. However, I would not use the term "alternative lifestyle", because I / we do not live differently from other people. I like to see women dressed in latex and I feel a certain charm when I see, hear and smell the material in motion. For me it is a festival of the senses, but I am not obsessed. It is as if you enjoy a good wine without becoming alcoholics. But the key attraction for me is the obvious - visual. I do not have to wear latex myself because I do not find men beautiful in latex. In short: It would also go without, but then my life might not be as colorful as it now is.

Are you interested in other kinds of photographic themes? For example, nature photography.

I'm interested in a variety of photography: people, if they are expressive and in the picture the focus looks more than the person; Pure nature: there is nothing more perfect! However, I have a gift that really lets me be well within the range of fetishism. I have the opportunity to photograph only out of what I am feeling. It is a pleasure for me, to be doing my work not in my head, just to feel it. I wished to feel this in all areas of my life. Experience anticipation of Christmas again as a child, that would be great. So I can feel, if we make a new photograph.

What's your focus when you take pictures?

First of all there is an idea, a thought or a story. After that, the image will be composed. We are looking for the appropriate outfit, mask and accessories and finally the location. The absolute focus for me is to praise the female figure and to put their absolute beauty in scene in order to get the erotic factor out. By means of the idea and story I can dive into a dream world and there is the opportunity for the viewer to follow.

Knowing that the world of fetishism is some times seen as taboo, what's your opinion about fetishism going main-stream?

I can only speak about my fetish, because this field in this case is diverse as the world and the humans. Latex fetishism is carried
within.  Either you have it or you have it not. For non-fetishists, it is not particularly comfortable, because this material feels, freezes or you sweat a lot like a 2nd skin. There is not a absolutely comfortable temperature. Furthermore, the material is very sensitive to sharp objects. So I do not think that latex fetishism can move into the mainstream and it remains only the scene of true lovers. However, since latex appears on the couture runways and in music videos, it is an expression of our time and in the first line is used of provocation, attention and lifting it from the gray mass. Leather, vinyl, nylon, wool, plastic… all have prevailed, not because there is a fetish, but because it is useful, practical and beautiful. Regarding the aspect of fetish in our pictures, I believe, if we can do something with love and love is showing in it, it will not keep hidden for the "mainstream" viewer.

Anything else that you would like to add here?

I don't have the ability to see into the future. I live in the here and now. However, I have wishes and dreams. I wish for a world with people who are open minded to other people and their inclinations. So I've only had positive experiences in our field. However, it would be nice if family and friends would understand if her son and friend would no longer be Michael but Mary, or love the same gender ... Fetishism is for me as it is: just right. There is something extra and special and so it should be. I hear many people, who have a problem with the fact that they can not live with their partner the fetishism. I wish for both sides more patience and understanding and the most important thing in life: love.