Frank Miersch is a Germany-based photographer  breaching the gap between fetish and art photography.


The words “Fetish” and “Latex” are often associated with bondage, wild parties and the taboo. People tend to shy away from this, without knowing what it really is. But there is another side, an artistic, sensual and often soft side that is waiting to be discovered and explored. A side that focuses on the beauty of women, on the details of soft movements, the colors and the — almost tangible — taste and feeling of the fabric.

This is what photographer Frank Miersch is exploring with his photography. His work experiments with several subjects, from the provocative side of a dominatrix, to the softer side of the beautiful curves of a woman’s body. “Art should captivate the senses,” he says, and with an almost obsessive focus on aesthetics and details, Frank Miersch brings provocative, sensual and underground photography to a new level.

An interview with photographer Frank Miersch.

Frank captures the art of provocation.
— Rona D - Fine Arts Curator, Boston, MA